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About PR Eye 

Founded by Digby Oldridge in 2005, PR Eye offers an unrivalled experience of the PR and Marketing industry.  Prior to launching PR Eye, Digby worked extensively in PR, Marketing and Advertising in London for over six years, working for and with some of the countries leading agencies and brands. 

This experience has allowed PR Eye bring a unique insight to the services offered, tailored to the needs of the PR and Marketing professionals.

We’re experts in photography, obviously. But there’s more to this than a mere photographer would offer.  Not only do we deliver images the client wants, we also offer a range of other services.

We plan and produce shoots. We can create photographic strategies for businesses. We can suggest where your PR and Marketing strategies can be improved from an image perspective.  We offer insight into how to maximise the impact of your images and to get the most out of your photography.

We are client friendly. We understand agencies relationship with their clients and internal comms professionals relationships with their colleagues. We appreciate the importance of punctuality and making the right impression. We like to make our clients look good both in front and behind the camera.

We can play a seminal part in any of the creative processes involved in enhancing your PR or Marketing campaign, or we can simply just execute your ideas.

All of these skills that we’ve amassed, after ten years of being in the commercial photography business, make us experts in the following fields:

Business photography, corporate portrait photography, headshot photography, website photography, marketing photography, PR photography as well as film and ad stills.

We also offer a full retouching service from basic retouching to full blown conceptual work.

Our Rates

Where possible we will always try and work within your budget. We either work on a project basis or on an hourly basis depending on the nature of the work.

Call or email us for a comprehensive quote.


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